Private Client
Architect: Jamie Fobert Architects


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Inserted into a void within the centre of a residential block, this unusual house is enclosed on all sides by 7m-high party walls. The works required 26 separate party wall agreements, 60 party wall notices and 8 party wall surveyors.

As the house could not rely on party walls, the majority of the load is carried on a central pile cap from which a central concrete structure rises to form the principal walls of the interior, stairs and ceiling of the first floor. The structure, walls and finishes are of exposed concrete.

Partner/Consultant: Keith Jeremiah


The Manser Medal
This is awarded to the best architect designed house in the UK. Speaking at the awards dinner, Michael Manser said:
““...What was formerly an inaccessible, valueless hole in the ground now has considerable real estate value and is an iconic, comfortable and elegant architectural pad in a classy part of London. It takes your breath away and now it is done, seems so simple and so obvious.”

RIBA London & English Heritage Award for a building in an HistoricContext

RIBA Regional Award